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Thought leader interviews

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The Engaging Leader Diary – February and March Collection

Making the Case for Face to Face with John Blaskey

The Artistry of Engagement

The World Dodgeball Association Story with Mark Croston

Engaging your Employees with David Long

Let’s Get Engaged! Raising engagement levels in your organisation

Chris Cooper Partner with Engagement Multiplier

Win Win: How to get a winning result from persuasive negotiations

How to Be a Power Connector: The 5-50-150 Rule

Business Lessons We Can Learn From Our Children

Top 3 Interviews of 2017 on The Business Elevation Show

LET’S GET ENGAGED – 25th October Leicester Business Festival Invitation

My Olympic Life with Anita DeFrantz

Disruptive Marketing with Geoff Colon

Disruptive Procurement In Action with Jeremy Bowley

7 Keys To Accelerate Your Executive Speaking Skills with Steve Trister

The Ultimate Guide To Platform Building with Wendy Keller

Interview with Chris Cooper on The Power To Get Things Done on Maureen Metcalf's Innovative Leaders Show

Kindness – Value & Practice In The Real World

Secrets of Successful Business Mentoring

Powerful Lessons from 250 unique episodes of the Business Elevation Show

Busting the Myths of Category Management

Win More Business with Phil M Jones

Inspiration from 'The Big House'

The Good, The Bad and the…Beautiful

Lessons of a Business Ranger – Leadership Inspiration From The African Wilderness

Dare To Be Different – More Customers, More Revenue, More Growth

One Planet Leaders – The Business Imperative For Sustainability

Special Encore Show: How Experts Build Empires with Janet Switzer

Am I An Engaging Leader?

The Magic of Engagement with Chris Cooper interviewed by Deri Llewellyn-Davies

Special Encore Show: Corporate Executive Presence with Rob Brown

The Business of Sport with Wasim Khan MBE and Chris Cooper

The Business Elevation Show – March Round-Up

Latest News - Kenya, Book deals, TV Appearance...

A Christmas gift to help your loved ones achieve more :)

Elevate Your People, Elevate Your Results

6 Business Elevation Lessons inspired by Leicester City Football Club

Draw To Win – How to lead, sell and innovate with your mind with Dan Roam

The Business Elevation Show – How to Run and Attend Great Events with Fiona Duncan

Dealing with Chaos and Complexity with Marc Amerigo’s Brainshift Method

The Business Elevation Show – November Round Up

The Business Elevation Show Turns 5 and August Round Up

8 Questions to Build Employee Engagement

Chris Cooper on Kenyan Leadership Quest 9th -16th Sept

Kidnapped Penguins at the University of Leicester MBA Summer School

The Sustainable Leader with Elisabet Vinberg Hearn

Podcasting & Online Radio with Eamonn O’Brien & Chris Cooper

Special Encore Show: Selling with Noble Purpose with Lisa Earle McLeod

How To Get To The Top & Still Have A Life with Heather Townsend

Listen Differently® with Stephanie Winters

How to Win New Customers with LinkedIn & Social Media – Proven Techniques for Sales Success

Confidence on Camera with Lottie Hearn

How to Position Yourself with Mark Levy

Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise with Peter Cook

The Power To Get Things Done - Review in National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)

A Brexit Message to Our EU and International Friends

'The Power To Get Things Done' Featured in The Huffington Post

John Jennings (Associate Director) & Nick Wain (Business Elevation Associate) are now working within the Chris Cooper brand!

The Productivity Puzzle: What exactly is the cause of low levels of productivity?

Why Pilots Fail and Managers Make Mistakes with Peter Brandl: Exploring the parallels between aviation and corporations and how human failure follows a dire logic.

200th Show Edition – Mind Out The Way! Accessing your full potential: Getting our minds out of the way to enable us to realize our potential

Giving organisations the power to fight off unicorns & survive & thrive with Gareth Bullen & Jamil Ahmed: Learn about the benefits of intrapreneurship

Navigating the New Business Paradigm with Peter Comrie: How do we navigate fast-paced business of today?

March Round-Up Including 'Sustainable Leadership', 'Selling with Noble Purpose', 'Thought-Leadership Marketing' & 'Million Dollar Web Presence'

February Round-Up Including 'Changing the World One Step At A Time’, 'High Ticket Offers', 'The Leader’s Mindset' & 'The Dealmaker’s Ten Commandments'

Access to Dr Ivan Misner's review of 'The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)'

Access to 'Sustainability with Anthony Day'

Access to 'Re-thinking Your Next Quarter Century: Reinventing Yourself and Your Organization to Create Continuous Growth and Relevance with Jared Nichols'

Access to 'Giving organisations the power to fight off unicorns and survive and thrive with Gareth Bullen & Jamil Ahmed'

Access to 'Special Encore Show: The Dealmaker’s Ten Commandments with Jeff B Cohen (Beverley Hills attorney and former child actor) '

Access to: ‘The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)’ with Chris Cooper & interviewer Nikki Owen

Access to my interview on 'The Power To Get Things Done' on Dov Baron's 'Full Monty Leadership Show'

Here's How Your Brain Prevents You From Following Your Intentions

Access to radio show: ‘The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)’ Part 2 with Steve Levinson & Chris Cooper

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Book Reviews

Audio Book version of 'The Power To Get Things Done'

10 Ways To Help Your Favourite Author

5 Productivity-Boosting Things You Should Be Doing During Your Morning Commute

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Special Encore Show: Connection and Influence – Lessons from Politics, Hostage Negotiation and Speaking

Employee Engagement with Chris Cooper and John Jennings

Access to Pink Bucket Thinking with Tony Burgess

Access to Developing Your Giving Strategy With Kris Putnam-Walkerly

The Business Elevation Radio Show – October Round-Up

The Business Elevation Radio Show – September Round-Up

Access to - 9 Steps to Engagement (Engagement Starts With You)

Access to - Strategic Leadership and Engagement with John Boggs

Access to - Encore Show: Born Free – Lessons from a life of charity & conservation with Will Travers OBE

Access to - Permission Granted with Patty Aubery

Access to - Legacy: To leave a legacy you must live a legacy with Neil Dorward

Special Encore Show: From ‘stupid’ to The Castle Man with Roger Masterson

Million Dollar Web Presence with Chad Barr

Special Encore: Leadership – How to become a better leader with business leadership expert and adventurer Neil Laughton

Special Encore: The Power of Small – Build your business and change lives with Paul Dunn

The Mindful Leader with Michael Carroll

Elevation Corner - 7 Personal Elevation Tips to Practice while you are on holiday

Non-Stop Sales Boom with guest Colleen Francis

Meeting Magic – Leveraging the power of meetings with Katherine Woods

Social Entrepreneurship – leading businesses for good with Liam Black

Restless Executive to Courageous Leader with Jo Simpson

Elevation Corner - Ideas to Elevate You and Your Business with Chris Cooper

Alternative Business – Outlaws, Crime and Culture with Martin Parker

Celebrity Service – from Good to Amazing with Geoff Ramm

Connection and Influence – Lessons from Politics, Hostage Negotiation and Speaking

Special Encore Show: Fearless at work with guest Michael Carroll

Business Elevation Ideas For You (May 2015)

The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not) Available for Pre-order

Encore Show: How To Sell In Business Today with Frank Furness

Encore Show – Own the stage: Secrets from a world champion coach with Darren Lacroix

How Experts Build Empires with Janet Switzer

Better Decisions, Better Business with Laura Ellis

News Update: Neil Laughton and Deri Llewellyn-Davies from Everest

‘The Elevation Programme’

Mastering Your Market with Paul Charity

The Success Principles with Jack Canfield & Amanda Brown

Empowerment with Rob Holcroft

10 Leadership Behaviours from Best In Class Organisations with Adrian Simpson

Chris Cooper's 10 Business Elevating Ideas for the Spring

‘The Elevation Programme’

How to Entertain and Engage More in Business with Jeremy Nicholas

The Diversity Advantage with Lenora Billings-Harris

Powerful Sales Presentations with Patricia Fripp CSP, CPAE

From ‘stupid’ to The Castle Man with Roger Masterson

Chris Cooper's 7 Elevating Ideas

Access to 'Built to lead: Become a top 10% manager' with David Long

Access to 'Creating AWESOME Performance in times of Austerity' with Leatham Green

Access to 'Succeed on the Phone' with Telephone Assassin Anthony Stears

Be Remarkable! And Profit!

Access to 'Dealing With Change' with Jonathan Wygant CEO and founder of Big Speak

What my dog has taught me about Leadership!

Chris's Insights for Elevating Your Relationships (and Results) in 2015

Access to 'The Impact Code' with Nigel Risner

Access to 'Relationology: Grow Your Business Through The Power of Relationships' with Matt Bird

Access to 'How to lead, motivate and inspire operational employees' with Shawn Casemore

Special Encore Show – 'Career Success' with Hilary Wilson

Special Encore Show: ‘Charisma’ with Nikki Owen

Chris’s Global Impact Summit Speech – ‘Elevate Your Business with The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)’

Access interview with Roger Harrop - 'WIN! How to succeed in the new game of business'

Access interview with Frank Furness - 'How To Sell In Business Today'

Access interview with Miguel Dean -'Stepping Stones in The Mist: Life lessons for overcoming adversity'

Access interview with Darren Lacroix - 'Own the stage: Secrets from a world champion coach'

Access interview with Mike Ogilvie - 'Special Encore Show: Success in Hard Times'

Learn how to elevate yourself via online radio with Chris Cooper's blog (part one)

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'The Power To Get Things Done' - An Invitation including Special Discount!

The Engaging Leader Diary – No, Can’t Afford That Attitude

Video Marketing for Business with Frank Furness & Chris Cooper

Human Digital Transformation with Elisabet Hearn & Steve Sharpe

Emotional Intelligence To Unlock Sales Performance with Simon Toy and Chris Cooper

Working Through Illness with Donia Youssef

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