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Business Elevation October 2017

There’s a real buzz about October

October has been, and continues to be, an exciting month for the team. As you’ll see below, we’ve had some fabulous guests on the Business Elevation Show, who have an interesting mix of material and a huge amount of passion for what they do.

And then there’s our event. Our 'Let’s Get Engaged' event, which we’re delighted to be hosting as part of the Leicester Business Festival. It’s especially interesting for businesses who want to attract and retain the very best people in their organisations. What we do know, is that it increases morale, productivity and profitability – and it’s all do-able in a fairly short timeframe. So, if you’d like to come along, it’s being held on Wednesday 25 October at the home of the most successful basketball team in the UK – The Leicester Riders. And it’s free! To find out more or to book your place, please see our newsletter highlights, below.

In the meantime, we look forward to keeping you updated on developments as they unfold over the coming year.

Best wishes, Chris

Business Elevation inc Kindness, Business Mentoring, Category Management & More!


We've lots of great elevation content for you. Also, heres an insight to what weve been up to over the last month:  

  • We reached two milestones by celebrating our 250th radio show and Tracey Wrights first when she interviewed me about my favourite lessons from the show. Congratulations to Tracey on doing so well! I was also interviewed on Maureen Metcalfs US radio show. You can access this interview, and others with leading experts on kindness, business mentoring, category management, and winning more business, all for free – just scroll down the page.

  • Talking of Business Elevation, John and I have been doing some really interesting work with 5 companies this month, supporting them to take their business or departments to the next level. Very rewarding to see client progress made each month. 

  • Were continuing to support International MBA students, by delivering online coaching sessions to help them get some seriously good results. Also delivering keynotes and workshops in the sector. Its great to be engaging with people all over the world who are so keen to learn. 

  • And heres another group of people achieving some stunning results. Earlier this month, I had the privilege of facilitating a charitable workshop at the Big House in London, a special place where people from very challenging circumstances, gain skills and confidence. The session was about 'getting the things you want done'. I met some of the most incredibly inspiring young people who are involved with some amazing acting and broadcasting projects. They should all be very proud of their achievements as should their founder and CEO Maggie Norris. 

If you'd like to find out more about how we can support you, then we'd love to hear from you.

Until next time 

All the very best,  


Business Elevation inc. Leadership Inspiration, Growth, Sustainability, Building Empires!

Welcome to our May Newsletter. It’s been a bit of a magical month for us, as you’ll see from the highlights below and our Blog in Box One.

First though, I didn’t realise there was so much to celebrate in May! On the 9th, it’s lost sock day – when it’s time to admit that one red argyle sock has gone to washing machine heaven and it’s time to turn the partner it left behind into a rag or sock puppet. And then there’s No Pants Day on the 5th and Chocolate Chip Day on the 15th. The calendar is full of these weird and wonderful events. No time to get bored!

Talking of events, here’s an insight of what we’ve been up to:

  • Getting to know potential new clients in New Zealand and Stockholm, interested in people development. Referrals and recommendations really do work

  • Supporting International MBA students, by developing online coaching courses to help them get some seriously good results.

  • Delivering a pilot course in Leeds, based on my book, The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not). More on this later!

  • Interviewing some more of the very best business leaders for my radio show – you can access these interviews for free – just scroll down the page.

  • Outside of office hours – well, there’s been the good, the bad and the…beautiful! To find out more, keep scrolling down.

If you’d like to find out more about what we do and how we can support you, then we’d love to hear from you.

Until next time…

All the very best,


Business Elevation April 2017

Welcome to the Business Elevation newsletter and some great interviews for you. Since our last newsletter we have been:

- Working with University of Leicester and Nottingham Trent University delivering masterclasses and workshops on and offline on engagement, leadership and change.  

- Agreed a collaboration with Carnegie Great Outdoors (Leeds Beckett University) based around  'The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)' offering combined indoor and experiential outdoor development for teams. Our first pilot programme is on 25th May 2017.

- Launching a suite of initially 4 masterclass programmes based around building engagement and getting things done. More next month! 

- Have confirmed our first Swedish project based around Talent Dynamics in Stockholm.

Today, Deri Llewellyn-Davies is interviewing me on 'The Magic Of Engagement',  a topic that has become my passion and one I am speaking about many times this Spring and Summer. Coming up we also have Rob Brown on Reputation and Wasim Khan MBE (first British Born Pakistani to play professional cricket and lead a major sporting club) on the Business of Sport. A great one for Sports Fans!
Congratulations go to Miguel Dean, whose interview Stepping Stones in the Mist from November 2014 was accessed over 600 times from the archive in the last month! And to Leicester City (6 wins in a row :))

Do get in touch if we can help you with engagement, leadership, team development and/or getting important things done.

Best wishes,


Business Elevation inc Innovation, Event Planning, Brainshift Method, Kenya, Book Deals & More!


Is it really December already?!  

In this month's newsletter we have all the latest news including Chris's trip to Kenya and appearing on TV around the world with his son this week. He received messages from viewers in UK, Kenya, Uganda and Norway saying 'I have just seen you on my TV!'

The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not) is also proving a great Christmas gift. Do get hold of a copy before the book stores run out!

We also have more great interviews and articles on elevating your business. 

For those who celebrate Christmas, we hope you have a wonderful festive period. Also, a Happy New Year to you all!

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper - Engagement Tips, Kenya Quest, KIdnapped Penguins & Radio show turns 5,


Delighted to welcome you to our post Summer Holiday communication. This month includes:

  • More great interviews on The Business Elevation Show which was 5 years old this month.
    Includes interview on resilience with the Vice President of top Nascar racing team. Roush Fenway.
  • Some key questions to ask yourself if you are trying to build employee engagement (our hot topic)
  • This week I go on a leadership quest to Kenya with Leaders Quest. My wife said 'you are having
    another holiday'. Going to be elevating and heart wrenching this one. A holiday - we will see?
  • Great fun and feedback delivering masterclasses at the University Of Leicester MBA
    Programme on Communication, Power To Get Things Done and Leadership. Oh and some
    kidnapped penguins!
  • The latest interviews for September, including guests Elisabet Vinberg Hearn (The Sustainable Leader), Eamonn O'Brien (Online Radio & Podcasting), Lisa Earle McLeod (Selling with Noble Purpose) & Heather Townsend (How To Get To The Top & Still Have A Life).

    Best Regards,



Business Elevation inc. Listen Differently, LinkedIn Strategy, Confidence on Camera, Marketing Positioning & Innovation!


In this issue we cover some of the key components for elevating your business, your people and you. 

- Ever had the feedback that you need to listen more? You too :) Who better to explain than elite cellist and international speaker, Stephanie Winters. 
- Want to use Linkedin to elevate your business? Global Linkedin expert Phil Calvert explains. 
- Today, you can communicate to the world on video via your mobile but how do you do it confidently and well? Confidence on Camera coach Lottie Hearn shares her top tips.
- Mark Levy is the magician when it comes to positioning yourself in your market. Great inspiration, including how to use the technique 'free writing'.
- Today's live show is with Peter Cook who combines his passion for science, innovation and music to help corporations around the world become more innovative.
- Finally, a book review and Brexit message especially for our EU and International Friends.

Best Wishes,


Business Elevation - Business Lessons from Aviation, Intrapreneurship, Sustainable Leadership, Leicester City FC ...

Everything first starts with thought. Which is why this month we have so much expert content for learning from the home, office or on the go.

Since the last update:

- We had the 200th episode of The Business Elevation Show last week. Thanks Karsten Speckmann who wrote in from Italy 'The insights you and your guests have been sharing rival what one can learn in an advanced degree program'.
- A big welcome to John Jennings, who is to lead our employee engagement activities at Chris Cooper and Nick Wain, focusing on sales elevation. John's first blog post on productivity is below.
- 'The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not) is to be published in South Korea. The book continues to receive lots of publicity (Huffington Post article below). I have even been interviewed for an hour on the BBC, shocking the producer by persuading the host to play an Iron Maiden track!!
As a dedicated fan of Leicester City, a big congratulations upon elevating yourselves to 'Premier League Champions' and inspiring so many people around the world! Awesome!
- Lots and lots of incredible guests and business elevation subjects to check out below free from the archives 

If we can help you elevate your organization then we would love to chat,

Best Regards,


Business Elevation - Get Things Done, Sustainability, Futurism, Intrapreneurship, Dealmaking


Thank you so much to those who have supported the launch of 'The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)'. Support in the UK was sufficient to need Penguin Random House UK to fly in two extra orders of books from the US to meet UK demand. Also, wonderful to hear such positive reviews from a number of readers. 

This month we have:

1. Book Review from Dr Ivan Misner Founder and Chairman of BNI and New York Times best-selling author shared so far 274 times on Facebook!

2. Link to 'Sustainability' interview with The Sustainability Coach, Anthony Day

3. Re-thinking your next quarter century with deep futures strategist Jared Nichols (and free access to his book).

4. Post on Friday 29th January 'Intrapreneurship' interview with Gareth Bullen and Jamil Ahmed from 'The Centre for Enterprise'.

5. A Special Encore of 'The Dealmaker's Ten Commandments' with Beverley Hills attorney & former child movie star, Jeff.B Cohen.

We are also putting the finishing touches to the first video interviews with some of the many contributors to the book. The first will be Dr Meryl Koslow, Author of Self Made - Generate Your Wealth Like A Millionaire. Another in the series will be World Ultramarathon record holder Andy McMenemy who kindly purchased 11 signed copies to give to his clients this month.

For more information and how to purchase click here

Best wishes,


The Power To Get Your Intentions Done in 2016


A very Happy New Year. I hope 2016 proves to be a wonderful year for you!

I'm thrilled to start the year with 'The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)' being published after 5 years from conception. At last the ideas can help more people around the world to achieve more of their potential. Brought up in Scunthorpe, a northern steel town in England, I would never have believed it if someone had said "One day Chris, you will become a published author with one of the top publishing houses in the world!" The phrase 'If I can do it, anyone can' springs to mind! Within the first 3 days the book has become the second most downloaded audio book on Amazon's Audible under 'Time Management'.

New Year is a great time to turn those New Year’s resolutions into action. To help, there are links below to:

1. An interview where I share some of the strategies from the book with international speaker and author, Nikki Owen.

2. Video Interview on Dov Baron's hugely popular 'Leadership and Loyalty' (this interview was his most popular show on iTunes at Christmas).

3. Link to an article on (voted 'Magazine of the Year 2014' in the US) based on our book.

4. Link to this week’s interview with my co-author Dr Steven Levinson the expert on turning intentions into action (on 8th Jan).

Shortly, there will also be a series of video interviews with some of the many contributors to the book.

For more information and to purchase the book please click here. A review from you on Amazon or the site you purchased the book are really appreciated.

Best wishes,


The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not) Available for Pre-order


Want to achieve more in 2016? Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, you've probably got a lot on your plate. Unfortunately, much of it may not be that appetizing. Along with work that you feel like doing comes a generous helping of things you'd rather not do! 

Our new book “The Power to Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not)”, published by Perigee Books (Penguin Random House USA) on 29th December, is designed to help. It will explain:

  • How to turn good intentions into action so you can be as successful as possible....whether or not you feel like completing actions, like tax forms or making follow-up call
  • Key principles of getting things done that can change everything
  • Simple but powerful strategies that will turn you into a follow through champion to help you achieve more of what you want.

If you would care to help us fulfil our dream of helping millions of people to achieve greater success then:

  • Pre-order your copies now at,, Barnes & Noble and Penguin. By pre-ordering it will inspire more bookstores to stock it and enable our 5 year labour of love to help more people.
  • Please also check out the article by Dorie Clark on '10 Ways to Help Your Favorite Author' if you would like to offer more support
  • Do share your success stories with us and share with your friends on social media (at the foot of the newsletter)

Please enjoy the book and use it to achieve greater success in 2016.


Business Elevation inc. Productivity, Strategy, Engagement & Pink Bucket Thinking!


This month has been a month of elevation & productivity; to continue this theme I have written an article for this newsletter to help you get more productive at the start of each day. 

November also sees more great interviews on The Business Elevation Show. We cover the spectrum of Engagement with 'Engagement Starts With You' and 'Employee Engagement'.

Incredible leading experts share their wisdom on Influence, Thinking, Social Responsibility, Innovation and Giving...

Experts include Simon Bucknall, Richard Mullender, John Jennings, Tony Burgess, Kris Putnam-Walkerly, Cris Beswick, Jo Geraghty, Andy Gilbert, Sue Richardson, Gordon Tredgold, Sue Stephenson, Peter Thomson, Jeff B Cohen and Gavin Preston.

You'll also find a roundup of the last three months of interviews with leading experts - an hour a day listening to these while commuting and you will notice a significant brain boost!

Don't forget, The Business Elevation Show is available to download straight to your iPhone or iPad through our FREE iTunes podcast, perfect for the daily commute. Check out the link below to sign up quickly and easily, and never miss another show!

Have an incredible month,


PS. Well done Leicester City - Number One in the Premier League! (For now!)

Business Elevation Aug 2015 - inc Engagement, Mindfulness, Strategy, Inspiration, Legacy!


Been on holiday over the last few weeks? Then I hope you had a great time.

Young children soon back to school after a long summer vacation? Phew! :)

Check out all the resources in this issue over the next month and I guarantee you will be buzzing again with energy and ideas to help you have a great month, whatever your situation.

We have an article and 5 audio interviews to listen to online or download for your journeys:

-  'Engagement Starts With You' - How to be a more engaging leader or manager.

-  'The Mindful Leader' with Michael Carroll, Ex VP of Walt Disney, author and CEO.

-  John Boggs, retired US Marine Corps Colonel on 'Strategic Leadership'.

-  Will Travers OBE, President of The Born Free Foundation 'Lessons from a life of Charity & Conservation'

-  Patty Aubery, President of The Canfield Training Group on 'Permission Granted'

-  Neil Dorward, Scotland's first Civil Funeral Celebrant on 'Legacy'

Article and recordings can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

By the way, over the next month I am speaking at the following events:

- University of Leicester MBA Summer School 'Engagement Starts with You' (26th August)
- 'Employee Engagement' Programme University of Leicester (27th & 28th August)
- APSE Annual Conference Swansea, 'Engagement Starts with You' (3rd September)
- Leicestershire HR Group, 'Talent Development' (16th September)
- PSA Cardiff, 'Elevate Your Business via Online Radio' (22nd September

Be great to say hello if you are attending!

Make your next month one to be proud of,


Business Elevation July (Issue.9) 2015

This month, if you ever doubt yourself and want to build a great business then learn from Roger Masterson, the successful entrepreneur behind Celtic Castles. Today's show is ‘Million Dollar Web Presence’ with online guru Chad Barr. You will find the content exceptional if you want to write better blogs, create videos and improve your web presence. We also have adventurer and leadership expert Neil Laughton, and Paul Dunn on ‘The Power of Small’. Mindfulness is such a buzz word these days – find out all about being a Mindful Leader from the go-to expert, former senior Disney executive and author, Michael Carroll, live on 31st July.

This month’s elevation article is on 7 Personal Elevation tips that are great to reflect on during your holidays.

Thanks so much to all of you who responded to my recent survey. If we can help you or your business then do get in touch

Have an elevating month!



Business Elevation June (Issue.8) 2015


Thanks for all the comments on shows. Patrick Rettig’s ‘Turnaround’ last month and Adrian Simpson’s recent shows on 'Top Leadership Behaviours' in particular caught the imagination. 

Interviews this month include Colleen Francis from Canada, on gaining non-stop sales (great content to increase your sales). Also, meetings expert and charity ambassador Katherine Woods, who talked with me about how to make meetings magical. Plus the fascinating Liam Black, who used to run Jamie Oliver’s ‘Fifteen’ brand, on social entrepreneurship. Jo Simpson rounds off the month by talking about her great new book ‘The Restless Executive’. There is also my 'Elevation Corner' based on wisdom from the shows and my own thoughts this month.

I am regularly asked why I keep on hosting my weekly radio show (after nearly 4 years) when actually I earn my living from consulting, facilitating, coaching and speaking. The truth is, the show is a win win. It is great to be adding value to many people around the world, but also I think it helps keep me at the top of my game with all the valuable information and wonderful connections I acquire! What ideas do you have for yourself to add more value to your clients and potential clients this month?

In the show archive there is a treasure trove of content to help you elevate your business, your people and yourself. It is currently free and available 24/7. Help yourself with my compliments! And if we can help you or your business than just get in touch at .

Have an elevating month!


Business Elevation May (Issue.7) 2015

Welcome to May's communication! 

This month expert interview guests include Patrick Rettig on 'Turnaround', Professor Martin Parker on 'Alternative Organizations', Geoff Ramm on 'Celebrity Service' and Simon Bucknall & Richard Mullender on 'Connection and Influence'.  I also share key ideas to help you from interview insights and personal experience over the last month. Plus I am delighted to share that my book co-written with Dr Steven Levinson 'The Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It Or Not) is now available for pre-order from Amazon. 
If you are seeking a mentor/coach who can help you to get the right things done to take your business to the next level then 'The Elevation Programme' is a great way. Feel free to share with friends who could benefit from this email and contact me at if I can help you, or with any feedback from this newsletter.
Have an elevating month!

Business Elevation April (Issue.6) 2015


          Welcome to April's newsletter!

This month, two highly acclaimed past shows with Frank Furness on 'How to Sell in Business Today' and also 'Own The Stage - Secrets from a world champion coach' with Darren LaCroix. Also, an incredible interview with top marketing expert Janet Switzer on 'How Experts Build Empires'. Janet is someone from my dream list of interviewees and the go to expert, who helped elevate people like Jack Canfield and Jay Abraham! I also interviewed decision making expert and client Laura Ellis on 'Better Decisions, Better Business'. I have been consulting more with others around key decisions this week with great benefit - thanks Laura! Also, don't miss this week's show on 'Turnaround Your Business, Turnaround Your Life' with Patrick Rettig on the 1st May. I loved talking with Patrick to prepare it - a man of great wisdom and a unique character. 

Once aired, you can use the live links to access the recordings, download to mp3 and play them in your own time. Even embed favourite shows into your website or share in your newsletter. Just give a mention please. Also, thanks to January guest Leatham Green who wrote to tell me 'I had over 50 contacts after the show and 124 additional followers on Twitter!!' True elevation.
There is also an update on two friends and former show guests adventurers Neil Laughton and Deri Llewellyn-Davies who are currently on Everest. Also, there are a few places left on 'The Elevation Programme' - a great way to have one to one time with me plus group input to take your business to new heights in 2015/16.
If you feel your friends or colleagues could benefit from this email then do share and you can email me at with questions or feedback.
Have a great month!


Business Elevation March (Issue.5) 2015

Welcome to March's newsletter!
This month, 'Master Your Market' and discover how to become the must read, go-to expert with Paul Charity. Also, listen to the legendary Jack Canfield, along with Amanda Brown. Following the launch of the 10th Anniversary Edition of 'The Success Principles' in this show we discuss some powerful stories and ideas for increasing your own success in business and life! Thanks to Lianne Picot who wrote 'I always love your show but I REALLY loved your interview with Jack Canfield and Amanda Brown. Great questions and so inspirational. Congratulations!'. Discover how you can overcome some of your biggest hurdles, with the fascinating Rob Holcroft who certainly helped me to get empowered! Rob is related to Henry VII, Henry VIII & Lady Jane Grey, so it's in his blood! Adrian Simpson shares the '10 Leadership Behaviours from Best-In-Class Organisations': direct experience with best in class companies including Ritz Carlton & Southwest Airlines.
I also share 10 business elevation ideas for the Spring and a way to raise the performance of your business in 2015/16 with ‘The Elevation Programme’. 
Once aired you can use the live links to access the recordings, download to mp3 and play them in your own time. Even embed favourite shows into your website or share in your newsletter. Just give a mention please. And if you like the newsletter please share with your friends. 
Best Wishes,
Chris Cooper.

Business Elevation February 2015


Welcome to February's newsletter!
In this edition to help you engage and entertain more during talks or meetings multi-talented Jeremy Nicholas shares how. Want to take advantage of the gifts of Diversity then diversity expert Lenora Billings-Harris, helps us to carefully navigate it. To take your sales presentations to a new level we have one of the USA's most famous speakers and sales presentation experts Patricia Fripp. On the 27th February, I interview Roger Masterson, the founder of award winning Celtic Castles,  sharing his entrepreneurial lessons on elevating himself from 'Stupid' to 'The Castle Man'!
I am also delighted to announce I am interviewing Jack Canfield (America's no 1 Success Coach) and Amanda Brown on 'The Success Principles' this week and airing on March 13th!
Once aired, you can use the live links to access the recordings, download to mp3 and play them in your own time. Even embed favourite shows into your website or share in your newsletter. Just give a mention please.
Finally an article on '7 Elevating Ideas' that could help you to Elevate Your Business, Your People and Yourself. 
If you feel your friends or colleagues could benefit from this email then feel free to share and do let me know if you have feedback.

           Best Wishes,

Chris Cooper.

Business Elevation January 2015

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2015 - I hope the New Year has got off to a great start for you!
This month, we have the remarkable CEO David Long explaining how to cultivate top 10% managers. HR innovator Leatham Green on how you can create an engaging 'Awesome' culture when cash is tight! Would you like to improve your or your team's telephone skills? 'The Telephone Assassin' - Anthony Stears will teach us how.  Want to be great at dealing with change? If so Jonathan Wygant CEO and founder of one of the largest business speaker bureaus in North America shares his recommendations. I have also written an article on 'How to be Remarkable, And Profit' based on my interviews and personal experiences this month.
For fun, there is also a short article written for a new book to be authored by Lesley Hunter, on a key lesson learned about leadership from my dog!
In the links to the shows once aired, you can use the same links to access the recordings, download to mp3 and play them in your own time. You can even embed your favourite shows into your website or newsletter.  If you like this newsletter then why not also help a friend and share with them?
Helping you to Elevate Your Business, Your People and Yourself. Let's be remarkable together in 2015,


Business Elevation December 2014


It's nearly time for Christmas and a brand New Year. I hope whether you celebrate it or not that is a wonderful time of year for you and your family. 

This month there is an article on 'Expert Insights for Elevating Your Relationships (and Business) in 2015 derived from much research from show guests and myself. We also have prolific speaker Nigel Risner on making an IMPACT. Nigel reminded me that being present with your family this Christmas will be even more appreciated than the presents! In the New Year this notion I am sure will also apply to our clients and employees!

Then Matt Bird on building brilliant relationships. Great advice is to build relationships before you need them. This month, I have met several people whose Linkedin profiles are really bare. Why not get yours up to date for the New Year? This is your CV and it gives an impression of you to the outside world.

Lead operational people? Shawn Casemore from Canada had some great ideas about engaging this important style of person.

Then a couple of favourite shows as holiday repeats. On Boxing day Hilary Wilson on Career Success. A very popular show in the archive with so much value for anyone wishing to rise up the career ladder! Bringing us into 2015 airing 2nd January, expert Nikki Owens shares her expertise on Charisma.

Don't forget with all of the weekly shows once played you will be able to access them from the links in this newsletter.

Once again have a fantastic festive season!


Business Elevation November 2014 (Previously Be More. Achieve More)


A huge welcome to my revised Be More. Achieve More newsletter now entitled 'Chris Cooper - 'Business Elevation'. Same company just different branding and a much better newsletter!

The purpose of this communication is to provide you with exceptional content that will help you to Elevate Your Business, Your People and Yourself to new levels. 

This month, I recommend you make time to access my on-line Global Impact Summit presentation on 'Elevate Your Business with the Power To Get Things Done (Whether You Feel like it or Not)'. This is based around my book to be published by Penguin Random House New York in 2015. But don't just learn from me. Listen to the CEO Expert Roger Harrop if you want to know how to succeed in the new world of business. Or elevate your business by considering how best to sell in Business Today with sales maestro Frank Furness. Frank has had 4 million hits on You Tube and has spoken in 53 countries! Or if you are going through adversity then Miguel Dean is very inspiring. Want to improve your performance speaking on stage? Learn from world champion speaker Darren LaCroix. He beat 25,000 people to the title! Alternatively, if you want to improve profit then National Professional Speaking Association President and Accountant Mike Ogilvie knows all about it.  Guests in this issue are quite simply at the top of their game, which is why a top media person described the show as 'A Treasure Trove' last week! I so hope you use this information well.

I would really welcome any feedback on the new website which we will be improving with video and newsletter. If I can help you further then just get in touch.

Best wishes,


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